Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kidnapping the Kids!

So the past month has been super busy since I committed to be in "The Drowsy Chaperone" at Venice Theatre(don't worry, there will be a post about that experience later)! So today, being my day off, plus all the crazy stuff mess that is happening, I decided that I wanted to Kidnap my kids for the day!
Of course I had created this wonderful plan of action in my mind as to how the day was going to go...Kinda like that target commercial where the lady is in the apple orchard with the perfect know what I am talking about right? Anyway, the day started off earlier then I anticipated because baby girl was up super early. However she fell back asleep and so did I! I was awaken by the pulling of my arm by my son!
Keller: Daddy! Daddy! It's time to wake up!
Me: Ggrrrrikpkjgbspwe (trying to wake up)
Keller: Daddy! I am already for school! (keep in mind, he dressed himself and it looked a hot mess! But I give him an A for getting ready all by himself!)
Me: But Keller I have a wonderful surprise! You get to spend the whole day with Daddy and Sister! We are going to have a special lunch and play at the beach! Doesn't that sound fun!
Keller: Well I have an even better idea! let's stay home and play with my trains!
Immediately, I could feel my dream of the perfect day deflating. But to my surprise Keller had quickly gone to his room and started collecting all his beach equipment!
I know some people do not recommend taking more then 2 children to the beach...especially if you are the only parent! But there is something magical about the beach that makes be so nice. There was a couple on vacation who took it upon themselves to be my personal beach assistant. The gentleman was kind enough to take Keller out to the water! I know this is a side note but it needs to be said that it is nice to know that there are still nice, helpful people in the world! As we continued with our beach adventure, there was this moment where all of a sudden, I could literally feel His waves of blessings coming over me. My life is grand! Sure there are things that could be better, but in that moment, while I am watching my daughter wiggle her toes in the sand, God was calling me to stop and take stock of His hand of blessing and favor and to remind me that We are not walking this alone! Those who are close to me, understand all that occurred this week. Needless to say, this day was a great day for me to gain a more clear perspective, and to release the things that were weighing me down!
All in all, this was a successful kidnapping! Although I do not recommend you go around kidnapping kids...that's just creepy!


Worship with Us-Palm Sunday

Obviously this Sunday is Palm Sunday! More importantly, this Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week! Does your church do anything special during this week of reflection?
If you live in the Venice area, consider coming to one of our worship services!

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