Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Monday, August 31, 2009

"Oh...You're that Guy"

Those that know me well, know that I do not like to go to the doctor. It always seems like I am having to have a test done on this or a head scan on that and so on. Recently(last week), Ashley urged me to go to the doctor for the discomfort in my throat. To be honest, it was something that was troubling me since singing is what I do...I guess I was just scared of that the doctor would say. Anyway, I went to see him and I describe to him the symptoms. He then tells me "Singers can put a lot of stress on their voice." (Okay!?!) Then he asked me if I can breath good. I told him I was breathing fine. He said that my sinus were pretty blocked and my ears were a little red. So he gave me a nasal spray and some other medication. Will this help my voice? I am not sure...he told me to try it for a week and if there is no change then he would send me to a ear, nose, and throat specialist.
So as I thought I was finished with the appointment, he looks at my chart and tells me that I need to get some blood work done! WHAT! I just looked at him thinking..."that is not why I came in." He said that it has been a while and it is something I really need to do. And of course I hate needles. But here is the reason I am telling you all of this.
A year ago, I had salmonella poisoning! While I was sick, the doctor sent me to the lab to take give them some samples....yes, those samples. This was one of the most embrassing experiences of my life...and the worst part was, that they-the lab-lost the sample and I had to go back and do it all again. It was not a pretty sight. Now fast forward to today and you will find me with my doctors note back in that same lab! Have you ever walked into a room and all the people stop what they are doing and look at you as if your zipper is undone? Well that was what I felt like...and no my zipper was not down!
The lab tech calls me back into the room and ask me to sit in the chair. As we were walking, she keep looking back at me as if she knew me. Of course I knew who she was (the one that lost the sample), but I did not want to reveal that information. As she is entering the information into the computer, she would occasionally look up at if she recogonized who I was. Finally she stopped typing and asked "Do I know you from somewhere?" I smiled and said, "Well, I have been to this lab a couple of times. I believe your file will tell you." She smiled and nodded her head and went back to typing.
Suddenly, her fingers froze dead on the keyboard. It was as if she read something that she should not have read. She looked at me, then the computer, then to me again. I asked her, "Is everything alright?" To which she replied, " Ohhhh, You're that guy!!" Now I must confess that, there was a small part of me that was hoping she recognized me from one of my performance around town...but I knew the sad reality. She went on to say, "You're the salmonella guy!" WOW! What a way to be remembered? I told her that she was correct in her identification. She then went on to apologize for the whole ordeal that happened with my "sample." She, herself, seemed to be a little embrassed. It was in that moment, that there were so many wise crack comments I could have made, but I needed to just end the entire conversation(much like this blog). I told her it was no problem(actually it was) and that I understand that these things happen(but I don't because they are a lab and they are suppose to take special care of this stuff right?), and we finished the rest of the blood work!
As I was leaving, I thanked her and she again apologized for what had happened. But who would have thought that out of all the things I would like to be remembered by...that one that sticks out to her is "Salmonella Guy!"


Monday, August 24, 2009

What are you known for?

The question that has been on my mind the past few days is What are you known for? The past couple of weeks have been interesting. Full of life's sorrows and joys... I have participated in two funerals...and one more this coming weekend, my wife and I went to have a sonogram of the new baby and heard the miraculous sound of our baby's heart beat...then there is just daily living with ministry, family, and what not.
This past Saturday a member of our church choir went home to be with the Lord. Otis Johnson was an amazing man. I had an immediate respect for he and his wife, Nina, who have been married for more than 52 years. We(my wife and I) were just getting to know him, before he was diagnosed with cancer. Despite how he was feeling, we would always ask about our son Keller. He was truly excited about other people's accomplishments no matter how big or small; and he was so sincere.
After his passing, the family asked me to create a memorial program for the service. While putting the information together and eventually attending the service; you began to put into perspective this life that was lived for family, friends, and above all, the Lord. As I sat there in the service, the out pouring of love for Mr. Johnson was amazing. The amazing thing was that the common denominator from every speaker was how Mr. Johnson lived his faith! His life and his faith were one...not separate.
Which brings me to this question: what are you known for? I think we all have an idea at what we are known for; the funny guy, the singer, the director, etc. Is there a difference between what you are known for and what you want to be known for? For me, I know there are obvious things like being a musician, parent, the funny man (can be open for interpretation). But one thing I want to be known for is being a worshiper! I want to be able to decrease, so that He will increase. I have to remind myself to put on my garment of praise whenever there is a heaviness in my world. By praising the Lord, we are turning our attention to him and away from us. I read in my devotions the other day that "praise reminds us of who we are, and better yet, who God is."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The joys of technology!

Testing...I just wanted to see if the settings are correct to blog from my cell phone! This is exciting!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Things that make you say Hmmmm....

So this blog may not be inspiring, but it is a good story to share! I was thinking this afternoon about how much I enjoy living in Florida! Venice is especially nice! It is not as busy as the big cities...but it is not a complete sleepy town. I am sure that some people will disagree with me on that...but I love it! Anyway, I was walking home from the office (one of the perks of living next door to your job), and I see this SUV in the open field next to our house! Next to it was this lady looking in the other direction. It appeared that she was looking into the retention pond that sits behind the local Publix Store. I am not sure why anyone would be near the nasty just don't know what could be floating in there!!!!
As I continued walking, I heard the lady say "Ready! Set! Gooooo!!" To my surprise, I see the SUV punch the gas and head my direction. I stopped to see which way he was going and noticed that there was a rope attached to his bumper. My eyes quickly track the rope all the way to the pond...where I see his friend riding a body board! Yes folks, He was skiing in a retention pond!
Now at this point, there were several thoughts going through my mind...and some of those thoughts will have to stay in my mind (cue my wicked laugh)! However, the one thought that came to mind was that this could be so much better at the beach! After all, our location is exactly 3 minutes from the big body of water we call the Gulf of Mexico! The other thought was that I hope he does not catch a really bad fungus after being in that water...let alone the millions of mosquitoes that are hanging around there!
And did I mention that this pond is located between Publix and a Retirement center.
This display of silliness must have been their last ditch effort to have some summer fun...since school starts next week. Don't get me wrong, I am all about living up the days of summer...but I think there are better, and healthier ways to do it.
Although it does inspire me to get a body board or surf board! Just don't tell my wife! She just watched Shark week on the Discovery Channel!!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Blog

I cannot believe I am doing this! I never really thought of myself as a person of influence (and maybe that is all just in my head.) But I was encourage by comments from my friends when I told them that I was thinking about starting a blog! Clearly the status box on facebook is not large enough for me to put down everything I want! But what exactly does it mean to have a blog? This tool, this blogging, means different things to so many people. For some, it is a journal; while for others, it is something fun to pass the time. Some people want to inspire while others want to share a laugh! For me, I think it is a little of all that...and more. I was at a conference recently and a gentleman asked me if I had ever thought about writing something (like a blog, or song). I remember laughing loudly and telling him that it was not what I was called to do! Then he ask, "How do you know?" For some reason I could not answer him. Then, his next statement hit me. "We all get so involved and busy with our lives that we tell ourselves that we can't write songs, or in journals. If we would just stop long enough to listen to God...maybe we would stop saying I can't and actually put pen to paper." And with that statement (though it may not be is real close), I enter the world of blogging. I feel so blessed to be able to share these moments and insights. And likewise, I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts!

Singing His Praises!