Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ode to my wife!

So I wanted to take a moment and pay tribute to my amazing wife! I know I do not tell her enough, but she is truly an amazing woman, wife, mother, and follower of the Lord. I am honored to know her and humbled that she has chosen me for life! We went to another Dr. visit today to check on the progress of the baby!(things are going well, we find out boy or girl next month) As the doctor was talking and listening to the heartbeat, I found myself in awe of her. She was so excited to hear the beating heart...I was too! She later confessed how much she enjoys going to these visits just to hear the baby and know that things are well! Ashley is a caring person and anyone that knows her can testify to it!

I was recently at a wedding in Michigan and as I was going from the hotel to the rehearsal, I was looking at all the sites of the city...or lack thereof. As we were getting close to the church, I noticed one of those oversized marquee signs that said That was the only thing it said. There were no pictures and no catchy ad phrase to attract the drivers; just this web address. Later that night, after the rehearsal and stuff, as I was headed back to the hotel room I saw the same sign! My heart started breaking! I found myself feeling such sadness for people who would find themselves in a position to consider going to a site such as this for help. What situation could be so bad that you need this way out! Please don't miss read this. I understand that there are some abuse situation which are sickening; but when I stop and take stock of so many of my friends who are leaving their spouses or breaking their vows it has tended to be for petty reasons! I have to believe that your marriage must be something you on and it is something you just might have to fight for! On top of that, I was thinking back to my own childhood and being a child of divorce. Who would want to wish that on any child? I remembered back to a time when I was younger, I was praying that the Lord would not allow me to go through the pain that my parents were going through. I remember praying at that young age of 10 that I would not let my children hurt or go through something like this. Fast forward to today and I realize that I have a lot to praise Him for in my life! But I was also reminded that He was with me, hearing my prayers at a time when I felt so alone.

So I type before you today as a grateful man! I thank God for sending Ashley to me and blessing us with our son and our second child! If I could send out a challenge to all would be to take a moment and love you wives! Let them know they are special and that they matter! Let them know that what they do is important to your family unit! Also, pray for you wives, that God would continue to use them, and bless them wherever they go! Don't be afraid to take a stand for the covenant you have made with your wife! In choosing to be men of intergrity, we are choosing to honor these women with the utmost of respect and committing to place your marriage in the hands of the one who brought you together!

Spread Love!!!


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