Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Friday, February 25, 2011

Statements By Keller: First Time Listening

Our son, Keller, is getting ready to start Kindergarten in the fall. So while he is in pre-school we have been working with him on being a first time listener. Those of you who are parents know what I am talking about. But there are times that it feels like he as already developed selective hearing.
A few week ago, while eating dinner, Ashley and I decided to have a serious conversation with him about this issue. Though the chat was not terribly long, Keller did express a very honest answer. And when push comes to shove, we really do want our kids to be honest people...right? Here how the conversation went down.

Me: Keller, Mommy and I want to know how we can help you be a first time listener.
Keller: What?
Me: What can we do to help you listen to your teachers & Mommy & Daddy, the first time, instead of us calling your name several times?
Keller: Well, Daddy, I hear you when you say "Keller, Keller" but I just want to do what I want to do! That's all.

I was speechless! I had no response! So pray for us!

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