Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Monday, August 17, 2009

Things that make you say Hmmmm....

So this blog may not be inspiring, but it is a good story to share! I was thinking this afternoon about how much I enjoy living in Florida! Venice is especially nice! It is not as busy as the big cities...but it is not a complete sleepy town. I am sure that some people will disagree with me on that...but I love it! Anyway, I was walking home from the office (one of the perks of living next door to your job), and I see this SUV in the open field next to our house! Next to it was this lady looking in the other direction. It appeared that she was looking into the retention pond that sits behind the local Publix Store. I am not sure why anyone would be near the nasty just don't know what could be floating in there!!!!
As I continued walking, I heard the lady say "Ready! Set! Gooooo!!" To my surprise, I see the SUV punch the gas and head my direction. I stopped to see which way he was going and noticed that there was a rope attached to his bumper. My eyes quickly track the rope all the way to the pond...where I see his friend riding a body board! Yes folks, He was skiing in a retention pond!
Now at this point, there were several thoughts going through my mind...and some of those thoughts will have to stay in my mind (cue my wicked laugh)! However, the one thought that came to mind was that this could be so much better at the beach! After all, our location is exactly 3 minutes from the big body of water we call the Gulf of Mexico! The other thought was that I hope he does not catch a really bad fungus after being in that water...let alone the millions of mosquitoes that are hanging around there!
And did I mention that this pond is located between Publix and a Retirement center.
This display of silliness must have been their last ditch effort to have some summer fun...since school starts next week. Don't get me wrong, I am all about living up the days of summer...but I think there are better, and healthier ways to do it.
Although it does inspire me to get a body board or surf board! Just don't tell my wife! She just watched Shark week on the Discovery Channel!!!!


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  1. I wonder if they've heard of Water Moccasins or 'gators that like retention ponds?? Or flesh-eating bacteria and staph..Hmmmm!!