Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Friday, February 26, 2010

Parenthood 2.0

So stories like this one are suppose to be told when your baby is at least a couple a months old...not a couple of days old! But here it is anyway!
It was the Monday after the princess was born and my wife decided that she was going to go to the store with her parents...which means I was going to be home alone with 2 kids! However the Lord was gracious and showed me favor by having my good friend Andy B. drop by the house. Good news for me...maybe not good news for Andy. How hard could this be? The baby at this point just lays there and Keller will usually play with his trains, or cars, or whatever toy choice it is at that moment. This is going to be basking in the glow of multi children fatherhood/parenthood and being able to have a great conversation with my friend! This was multi-tasking at its best!
I forgot to mention that Keller had not been feeling like himself most of the day! We had given him some medicine and he continued to play his merry way. Once the wife and in-laws left the house, Keller begin complaining that his tummy was hurting. But of course being 4yrs old he did not want to be touched! So I began to notice he was starting to lay around on the couch and the over sized chair! I asked him if he wanted some water, so he took a sip and laid back down. So picture this: I have a baby in my right arm and a 4 year old trying to climb into that same right arm. As Keller continues to make his "I don't feel good" wining sound, I convinced him to rest his head on my left shoulder. So now the picture is set.... a negro version of some Norman Rockwell painting. And then it happened. As I heard the sound of my son yakking the entire content of his stomach onto my should and down my back I realized that I was frozen in place. As I started to move again, the yakking chaos began again! I believe the words for Andy were something like "Oh My Lord!"
I started laughing in my head because the last time I remembered Keller having an episode like this was during the Christmas production 2 years ago when we were running errands and Andy was with us and Keller yakked in the back seat of the car! I would say that Keller may be allergic to Andy but Andy has been around our house several times in between these two events! So back to the story: I handed the baby over to Andy and went into Mr. Clean mode. I got Keller calmed down and relaxed in the over sized chair. Then I had to pull out the big steam cleaner and go to town on the sofa and cushions! The good news is that both kids are doing well and Andy was not hurt in the process! HA
It was an eventful evening...and probably one I will not forget to soon. As I got ready for bed later that night, the thought came across my mind, "Welcome to Parenthood 2.0! Brace for the journey!"


  1. Ha! Yeah, it won't be the last time that's for sure! Just wait until you have multiple children yakking at the same time! Now THAT'S multi-tasking!

  2. You passed Parenting Two Kids 101. You kept the baby out of the stream of vomit. Good job, Dad!