Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nazarene Star Struck!

So a couple of entries ago, I talked about Dr. Stan Toler coming to our Minister & Mates Retreat! I remember Dr. Toler from my time at Southern Nazarene University, so I was excited to meet with him again. Plus he is now a General Superintendent for the Church of the Nazarene. This was big time stuff!
Andy, our youth pastor, was helping me out at the retreat with some tech items for the worship portions of the service(i.e. PowerPoint). At some point during the first night, Dr. Toler was giving his message and the next thing I know, Dr. Toler is giving Andy a fist bump. Now if you are not familiar with a fist bump, please consult your local teenager! LOL! I looked at Andy's face and you would have thought he was 5 years old and it was Christmas morning! I am not sure if he was surprised that Dr. Toler gave him the bump or the fact that Dr. Toler knew about the fist bump.
So here we are two weeks later, still talking about it! Andy keeps talking about how cool it is that he got a fist bump from a General Superintendent!!!
But Andy is not the only one what was Nazarene Star Struck! I myself fell under this spell! Last week I was deciding what to blog about and as I was reading through some of the older post, I noticed that there was a new comment under the "With Mighty Voices..." entry! The comment came from Marvin Jones, Worship Pastor for Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene. My mouth hit the floor when I read the message from him! I had the privilege of meeting Marvin and working with him this summer at General Assembly. I had heard really great things about him and I was so excited to me if I was star struck!
Marvin and his wife Paula are remarkable people! I know the congregation at TCC loves them and I am honored to know them and count them not only as valued colleagues, but as friends!
So this could be the first of many installments of this blog! Tell me, how are you star struck?


  1. Marvin is least that's what I hear from Kara :) She goes to TCC and is totally spoiled by Dwight and Karan Gunter, Bill and Leslie Hart (they were all at RCN before you guys came, I think)...and Marvin! Kara so enjoys the style of music there and sings in the choir now :) Yes...he is one great guy!

  2. i also found the pen that toler personally gave me! fist bumpage and a pen i rock!