Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Statements from Keller....part I

As many of you know, I am a big fan of writing in my journal(s). Before I met Ashley, I created a journal for her that was filled with thoughts, statements, and prayers for her! I gave her the journals as a wedding gift. I always knew that a journal was a great way to reflect upon things in your life and have a great way to keep those special moments in your life. So I have continued to write in journals for both Keller and Baby Gage!
Long story short, I was writing in Keller's book the other day about his adventure to the eye doctor...and I realized that this was to good and i had to share it with the masses of people that follow the blog (all 13 of you)!!!!

When we walked into the doctor office, Keller says to me, "Daddy, we have 3 special steps." "Okay Keller, what are the special steps?"
Keller replies, "Step 1: we say hello to the Dr. Step 2: we put the flashlight in the Doctor's eyes! Step 3: I will get Red glasses."

So I thought he was feeling pretty good about this visit. We walked into the exam room and Keller quickly got his flashlight ready...and when the doctor walked in he proudly said, "Dr. you have to sit in the chair and open your eyes."
Of course, this doctor has no bed side manner and gave a quick smile and told Keller to sit down.
In his seat, Keller decided to just start shining the light in the doctor's eyes! Looking annoyed, the Dr. encouraged Keller to put the flashlight down and let him look into Keller's eyes with his special light! After the quick eye check we had to go into another room...Keller quickly labeled it the "Dark Room" and did not want to go in. I guess he knew that it was going to be trouble for him, because he turned to the nurse and said "You can't put that bad water in my eyes!"
So after dilating his eyes, the poor kid was ready to go...but we still had to wait an hour and go back and see the Dr.

After an hour of waiting, our time came to go back in with the Dr. We fought the major battle of holding my child still while the Dr. looked in his eyes to match his prescription. 15 minutes later we were finished...and the Dr. was explaining some issues to me....all while Keller was screaming his eyes out.
The doctor wrapped up and asked me if I had any questions...and out of nowhere; through the big tears comes this voice that proclaims..."Dr. Silverman, I think you are very informative!!!!"
I looked down at Keller and he had this big smile on his face!
Only my child could fight through tears and give someone a compliment!

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