Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A simple case of mistaken identity again...and again....and again.

I love living in a small town! It is great to drive down the street and see members of our congregation living life and being extensions of grace. Most times, I will take a moment and honk the horn to say hello, or role down the window and say a quick greeting. But recently, I have become more shy. I may be this close (two fingers almost pushed together) to ignoring all people and sticking to the 10 and 2. But I guess you are wondering how and why I have come to decision...more importantly why does this matter to you the reader? Simply put, it matters because this is yet again another humorous page in the adventure of my life. Let's begin.... Since moving to Kansas, we have connected with several families from our church. One of those families is the Blosser family. Rick, Joni, Conner, Carly, Caley and even Grandma Tibbits have become great friends who have provided many, many laughs in our short friendship! Joni and Carly, usually can be seen driving around town in a White Pontiac Grand Am. Most days, they will honk the horn as they drive by our house and of course if we see each other on the road we will always stop at an intersection to catch a quick laugh (much to the annoyance of the people behind us). Recently, it would seem that a large percent of the population of Hutchinson drives the same vehicle as our friends. The only reason I know this to be true, is because I have honked at every single one of these people. One would think that I would search for the identifying markers of the a dent, or special license plate...but not me...I just honk freely and wave emphatically to catch their attention...only to discover its not them; which then leaves the victim of my gleeful greeting paralyzed with wonder as to my own identity. I could go on with all the different scenes and stories about this epic failure of identification, but I feel lead to share one story that will be forever burned in my mind. It was the night that I returned from my trip to Israel, and I had to take Keller to a basketball practice. As I was pulling out of our driveway, I noticed Joni (or who I thought was Joni) drive by without honking. "What's up with that?" I thought. So, I quickly jumped and took off down the road to catch up with her. I rounded the corner and noticed that she had stopped at someone's else. "I wonder what she is doing there?", was my thought as I continued to drive. I pulled up next to her,rolled down the window and held the following conversation: Me:(in my best thug type voice) Wazup girlie! It's been to long! How you be? What's the word? What are you doing at this house? "Joni": (Silence) Me: HEY! What are you doing? "Joni" excuse me? Me: You drove past me so fast and didn't say hi! What are you doing here? "Joni": Delivering a pizza?? Me: Wait...what? Before I could say anything else, "Joni" stepped into the light and that is when I realized it's not Joni. It was in fact a pizza delivery girl who happens to drive the same car! At this moment, one would think that I would offer up an apology for bothering the poor girl. But what did I say, "Oh gee, you're not my friend!" And with that I drove off into the night praying the young lady didn't memorize my license plate so she could call the cops. I know it was not my finest moment, but I figured she won't know it was me because it was night time and....well never mind! So if you live in Hutch and you drive a white vehicle, watch out, I might be honking at you!

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