Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Mishaps Part II: Worship with "Holey" pants!

I love corporate worship! I love the energy that comes from the Holy Spirit when God's people gather together and glorify His name! Again, for those that know me, know that I like to make myself look presentable in any situation...including Church. And of course I try to stay up with all the fashion do's and don'ts. Everyone says that you should have a black suit. After this story, I have learned that I may need to keep 2 black suits on hand!
Picture This: Sunday Morning Worship for Church Anniversary! There I was running around getting all the last pieces together for the service. As I was going out on the platform, I noticed something on the floor. So of course I bent down to pick it up. In the process of bending was aware that my suit was not fitting like it once did (read FF Blog Post). When this make adjustments...use one less belt notch, lighter shirts, etc. Anyway, as I was bending down, I heard something snag or pop! I just assumed that it was one of my belt loops that had give way...because it was already hanging by a thread.
So there I was leading worship with no idea what had taken place in the seams of my pants. After the worship set was completed, I sat down on the keyboard to wait for the next segment in the service. The bench is leather and can be a little cool...especially if no one was seating there before me. When I sat down, I noticed the extra coolness of the bench. Naturally, I chalked it up to me being extra hot....the sweat was rolling off my face this day! Since it was now time for the next worship moment, I slowly slid across the bench. Once again, I noticed how cold the bench was...but of course did not have time to ponder what had happened. As I was getting up, I heard the snagging noise again. For a split second(haha), I thought my pants had ripped, but I could not stop and look.
It wasn't until the church dinner that I realized the reality of the situation. As I was loading up some decorations for the dinner, a gust of wind blew in behind me revealing the giant hole in the crotch of my pants. I felt like Marilyn Monroe standing on that man hole with the steam...except I am not wearing a white dress, blonde hair...well you get the point! So I quickly ran into the bathroom to survey the damage! It was bad! So I immediately try to replay the morning to determine when this could have happened. And yes all those snagging moments were not my belt was in fact the hole getting larger! But I am grateful the Lord still received my offering of worship...even with "holey" pants!

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