Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Mishaps Part I: Insert foot in Wal-Mart Door!

This past weekend was the 50th Anniversary of Venice Church of the Nazarene! It was a most wonderful weekend as we celebrated the blessings of God and how He has touched so many lives! But we also looked to the future with great expectations and anticipation at what and how the Holy Spirit will direct us. But you can read more about the spiritual impacts of the weekend in a future post! Let's get to the funny with the first post in "My Mishaps" series...
Picture this: Sunday morning...early: I was pretty much a hot mess from the beginning of the day! We had just spent have the day on Saturday working the Family Fun Fest and then we did our concert of worship with the symphony that evening! So needless to say, getting up the next morning was going to be a miracle. I managed to get myself together and out the door. I had to go to Wal-Mart for some last minute items. Of course everyone knows my love relationship with that store...or lack thereof. Anyway, I thought to myself "how bad could it be? It was almost 7am on a Sunday. No one would be there and therefore nothing crazy could possibly happen right?" WRONG.
I jumped out of the car and started walking toward the front doors of the store. I noticed that the greeter was unlocking the exit side of the doors. Some people would have walked in through those doors...but I have a policy about walking through the wrong side(read previous post). I waited for the enter doors to open, which seemed like an eternity. At last the doors open and I start heading in. In my rush I dropped my keys and quickly bent down to get them. What I did not notice was that the greeter was still messing with the key remote to the door I was walking into...and my foot was stopped right in the entrance. Just as quick as i picked up my keys, i felt this sudden pressure on my foot. I look up only to discover that the entrance doors have closed in on my foot. The good news is that there was no fact I started laughing because of how funny this must look to someone passing by! With a few colorful metaphors from the greeter, the doors were finally released and my foot was free. I quickly ran into the store to get my items...and then it hit me. I hope i am not on that people of Wal-mart website! Knowing my luck, it will probably show up...which means I am one step closer to being a star!!!!! hahaha


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