Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Friday, March 19, 2010

Classic Blog Post III

Post Date: Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Attention Passengers...we are Landing in Mobile!!?!!

So many of you know that this summer is my class reunion. As a good class president, I decided to return to my home roots of Oklahoma to have a planning meeting with the other officers. The meeting was great and it was good to see people again. However, my arrival almost did not happen. Picture this....
Our flight from Tampa had just taken off for Dallas, and I was settling in to take a nap. I realized that the nap was not going to happen because my mother was next to me talking up a storm (she talks a lot when she is nervous). Anyway, after a small conversation, I started to fall asleep. We had been in the air for maybe an hour when all of a sudden we hit a really big patch of Turbulence. I mean this was rocking the cabin...bad. I think we dropped a couple hundred feet. My mother was next to me doing this strange breathing pattern....but there was a lady 4 rows in front of us who just fell out in her chair as if she was "slain in the spirit" (you could tell she did not fly much). Suddenly, we hear this loud sound. As if the metal from the plane is being peeled off the engine.
The next thing we hear is from the confused Captain "Uh, Uh ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to have to make a landing in Mobile, Alabama. I will keep you informed." That was it...that was all the information he was going to give us. No comforting words at all. He could have given us a "just relax' statement or something. I knew that the plane was going down...I was going to meet my maker by crashing into the dirty Gulf of Mexico.
As we are making the quick landing, I noticed the team of emergency units waiting on the runway for us. I then thought that the engine had caught on fire. Once we were taxied to the gate...the still confused captain replies "Uh, Uh this is the captain, we are going to ask you all get off the plane with your stuff." I knew right there that this Captain really did not have his stuff together and that he must have pressed the wrong button which has now placed us all in Mobile.
So there we are in the Mobile Municipal Airport...waiting, waiting, waiting


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