Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Friday, March 12, 2010

Classic Blog Posts part 2

Post Date: July 26, 2006
Title: Confessions from the Vegas Strip...part 1

Oh friends,
I have been for the past 10 days to a place where any one's inner freak can cry out..."I'm home!" Yes, yes I was in Las Vegas. Mind you, I was there to work at a fine arts camp...but I got plenty of free time in the evenings. There is a long list of tales I could tell, but I will try to keep it contained to 2...maybe 3 blogs.
So it was Monday evening and the temperature was at least 109 degree and the wind was blowing...making it feel like someone turned on the industrial size hair dryer. Keep in mind that the city of Vegas allows you to carry your favorite beverage of choice around the needless to say there was a wide variety of drink colors, flavors and sizes. And just to keep the record straight, I had a super large Cherry Lemonade from "Hot dog on a stick." As I was standing in front of the MGM Grand, I notice these guys on the corner, laughing, drinking and having a great time. As I watched them closer, I noticed that all three of them had a bottle of beer in one and in the other hand...they each had a 24pack. Their new name for the evening was the "Economical Drunk Luck Club" But wait, the walking continues....
I was making my way towards Caesar's Palace to visit the Celine Dion Shop... Yes I did go into her shop and it was wonderful...don't judge! I was approaching the corner of Tropicana and Vegas Blvd and from out of nowhere I see this long pink feather boa coming at me. Attached to it was this 6'3 Drag Queen, who we will call 'Princess'! So it was clear that Princess was ready for a night on the town. 'Princess' was dressed to kill and you could tell that looking good was really all that mattered to him...her...whatever. As our paths are crossing, Princess-who was making sure everyone was watching him/her- did not notice the rain gutter on the curb...therefore, she tripped and lost her footing and down she went...boa and all! And of course if a video camera had jump to see my know what it was going to be. (If not please read my previous blog "Walmart and the hot pink hover round"). As she struggles to get back in those super thick heels, she did noticed her boa had fallen into on coming traffic...and alas, a cab, limo, and double Decker tour bus all left tire marks on the lifeless fashion accessory! Dejected, Princess collects the boa and feathers and continues on her way! I quickly learn that in Vegas, life does not slow down....not even the traffic!

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