Family Photo 2015

Family Photo 2015

Friday, March 12, 2010

Going Green!

You know it's coming...the big laugh; the dirty Irish accent; the search for the pot of gold! At this point there are only 6 days left until St. Patrick's day! For those of you that are blessed to live in close proximity to me...prepare to be amazed and prepare to laugh! I have found a green sparkle bow tie...need I say more!

My blog page is officially going green...not to save the earth from global warming or climate no! The blog page is going green for the rise and return of yours truly as..."The Real Black Irish!"

I am hoping that BRAVO will pick this up as a reality show...they will take anything! HA
WARNING: this blog post or celebration is not approved by my wife in any way...she thinks it is silly...but I say, pass me a microphone so I can sing you a sweet Irish lullaby!

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  1. are SO my favorite Black Irish..dude..whatever! Have fun; it's YOUR time of year :)